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Why a Vickery

Why?   In a word...

Whether you are buying a gift for that special someone or enhancing the beauty of your own hearth and home, a Vickery will bring a lifetime of pleasure.

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Moontide    Print 93

When you look at a Vickery, you don't merely see it, you experience it. All your senses share in the beauty and power as you find yourself drawn into it. You can feel the swirling wind in your hair...hear the roar of the waves as they crash against the rocky shore...smell the fresh, clean ocean air...and taste the salty mist on your lips.

Adventure Bound    Print 14

If you find yourself sailing the main as in this depiction, you feel the spray in your face, the waves pounding against the hull, the sails full and straining ... your senses come alive.

Breath of Winter    Print 14

Enjoy life as a new morning awakes to an angelic blanket of snow that silently fell through the night hours in Breath of Winter.

Silent Night    Print 43

Experience the world through the eyes and from the heart of Charles Vickery. Share a breathtaking winter wonderland that could only come from the brush of a gifted artist who sees beauty beyond what is normally seen, in the Silent Night.

Weather Be Damned    Print 91

Sail the cold, grey, formidible waters of the North Atlantic aboard the Sea Witch as she challenges and defeats the North sea in Weather Be Damned.

Storm of Battle    Print 28

Feel the heat of battle as you sail aboard Admiral Nelson's flagship, Victory, as English, French and Spanish fleets engage in fierce combat in the Storm of Battle.

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