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Arctic Adventure picture
The Majestic whaling ship, Charles H. Morgan, in iceberg waters of the north Atlantic. Charles Vickery captures the colors of the cold water.

22h x 32w (56cm x 87cm)

No enlargement available

Arctic Adventure
Print 16
Christian Radich 2 picture

Here Mr. Vickery places the Christian Radich alone on high seas. The details of the ship are lifelike and accurate.

20h x 32w (51cm x 82cm)

Christian Radich 2
Print 30
Moonlight and Surf picture

A companion painting to Sunlight and Surf, painted 19 years later ... with many more years of experience.

15h x 22w (38cm x 56cm)

Moonlight and Surf
Print 24
Adventure Bound picture

Under changing weather conditions, we find ourselves onboard Mr. Vickery's favorite clipper ship ... The Sea Witch.

20h x 25w (51cm x 64cm)

Adventure Bound
Print 14
Morning Light picture

A special morning glow bathes a duneland shore in a magical moment that only Mr. Vickery can capture.

28h x 31w (71cm x 79cm)

Morning Light
Print 48
Till the End of Time picture

So beautiful and real is this scene that one can almost hear the foamy waves lapping against the sandy beach.

23h x 31w (59cm x 79cm)

Till the End of Time
Print 45
Duneland Sunset picture

Late afternoon sun sparkles across Lake Michigan and plays its spectrum of light on water and duneland shore.

13h x 18w (33cm x 48cm)

Duneland Sunset
Print 6
Rough Surf picture

Another famous rendition of a rocky coastline.

12h x 18w (30cm x 48cm)

Rough Surf
Print 9
First Snowfall picture

Feathery snow along a creek that Mr. Vickery loves to paint during changing seasons in the midwestern United States.

16h x 20w (41cm x 51cm)

First Snowfall
Print 20
Pacific Blue picture

Pacific shoreline bathed in color as the sun drops below the horizon.

13h x 30w (33cm x 76cm)

Pacific Blue
Print 13
Homeward Bound picture

Graceful clipper ship, during the bewitching few moments before dusk. The timing of colors is in this Vickery painting is as accurate as the finest watch.

16h x 20w (41cm x 51cm)

Homeward Bound
Print 23
The Flying Cloud picture

The original canvas is four feet high and 6 feet wide. It resides in LaGrange, Illinois and leaves home only to tour art museums.

21h x 31w (54cm x 79cm)

The Flying Cloud
Print 21
The Christian Radich picture

The Pride of Norway - The proud vessel still sails the oceans as a Norwegian training vessel.

16h x 20w (41cm x 51cm)

The Christian Radich 1
Print 18
A Place to Dream picture

The foliage of bursting spring is here captured in a Vickery landscape that is absolutely breathtaking.

12h x 18w (30cm x 48cm)

A Place to Dream
Print 46
The Quest of the Blue Riband picture

The Cutty Sark and the Thermopylae. In this race the fastest ship from China back to home port received double cargo value and double the wages for the crew.

16h x 20w (41cm x 51cm)

The Quest of the Blue Riband
Print 15
Full Sail picture

Two tall ships on a cold and wintery sea.

8h x 12w (20cm x 30cm)

Full Sail
Print 11
Moonlight Sonata picture

A shoreline symphony of delicate colors on a moonlit sea.

15h x 23w (38cm x 59cm)

Moonlight Sonata
Print 72
Steady As She Goes picture

The famous Koh-l-noor carried many a passenger from Europe to Australia in the 1850s.

10h x 13w (25cm x 33cm)

No enlargement available

Steady As She Goes
Print 75
Great Lakes Schooner picture

This three-masted topsail schooner represents the many fishing and lumber schooners which called the Great Lakes home.

9h x 13w (23cm x 33cm)

Great Lakes Schooner
Print 74
Sunlit Sea picture

Sand, sea, and sky join to exhibit colors seen only at the seashore.

24h x 33w (61cm x 83cm)

No enlargement available

Sunlit Sea
Print 79




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