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Hong Kong Harbor picture


A beautiful clipper ship, taking advantage of the last light of day to leave the harbor berth.

15h x 20w (38cm x 51cm)

Hong Kong Harbor
Print 12
Arctic Seas picture
A smaller version of the Arctic Adventure. The Charles Morgan is moored at Mystic, Connecticut.

15h x 30w (38cm x 76cm)

No enlargement available

Arctic Seas
Print 17
Off With the Evening Tide picture


A favorite of favorites. Two tall ships sailing into the last light of day.

18h x 24w (48cm x 61cm)

Off With the Evening Tide
Print 25
Rouse Simmons picture

The famous Christmas Tree Schooner, now unloaded, but with one last tree tied to the top mast. An ideal companion piece to go with The Christmas Tree Schooner.

16h x 20w (41cm x 51cm)

Rouse Simmons
Print 37
Storm Acomin picture
A shout from the captain ... Up from the bowels of the ship came the crew to fasten the hatches, trim the sales - and pray that God was protecting.

28h x 31w (71cm x 79cm)

No enlargement available

Storm Acomin -
All Hands on Deck
Print 42
Quiet Harbor picture

Here in a quiet harbor atmosphere, which almost makes one speak in whispers, he paints a sailing vessel waiting dockside.

15h x 21w (38cm x 54cm)

Quiet Harbor
Print 27
Silent Night picture

A winter wonderland that could only come from the brush of a gifted artist who sees beauty beyond what is normally seen.

15h x 21w (38cm x 54cm)

Silent Night
Print 43
Tropical Sunset picture

The clipper ship Blue Jacket, sailing the open sea with a tropical sunset vibrantly coloring her full sails and reflecting upon the ocean surface.

16h x 22w (41cm x 56cm)

Tropical Sunset
Print 39
Song of the Sea picture

Beautiful sky, waves breaking against rocks, water washing up a sandy beach and receding, leaving behind wet sand and reflections.

16h x 22w (41cm x 56cm)

Song of the Sea
Print 38
Joy of the Lifting Fog picture

Mr. Vickery catches the joy sailors felt as their home at sea broke through long hours of depressing fog.

20h x 27w (51cm x 68cm)

Joy of the Lifting Fog
Print 40
Sentinel of the Sea picture

The friendly glow from lighthouses warned sailors of dangerous reefs and rocky shores.

20h x 30w (51cm x 76cm)

Sentinel of the Sea
Print 41
The Danmark picture

The Pride of Denmark - Launched in 1932 as a Danish training ship, the Danmark was docked in the United States during World War II for protection.

22h x 33w (56cm x 84cm)

The Danmark
Print 44
U.S.S. Constitution picture

During the War of 1812 she earned her famous nickname, "Old Ironsides". Enemy cannonballs seemed to bounce off her.

20h x 27w (51cm x 68cm)

U.S.S. Constitution
Print 31
Sailing at Sunset picture

The clipper ship Davy Crockett, sailing a sunlit ocean. Here again, Vickery catches a magical moment in the day of a ship.

12h x 18w (30cm x 48cm)

No enlargement available

Sailing at Sunset
Print 10
The Great Race picture

The Cutty Sark and the Thermopylae racing home with their cargos of tea.

8h x 12w (20cm x 30cm)

No enlargement available

The Great Race
Print 7
The Harriet McGregor picture

Stately square-rigged sails in the golden glow of an early morning.

15h x 18w (38cm x 48cm)

The Harriet McGregor
Print 22
Angels Pathway picture

Moonlight dancing across the ocean surface, onto the rocks and sandy beach of an Atlantic coastline.

8h x 14w (20cm x 36cm)

Angels Pathway
Print 5
Winter Glow picture

Similar to the Hush of Winter but this one has a warmer sky reflecting more colors in the snow and creek. Beautiful above the fireplace.

22h x 31w (56cm x 79cm)

Winter Glow
Print 29
The Guiding Light picture

Violent waves crashing on a rocky shore, overseen by a lighthouse, which warns ships of hidden danger.

15h x 23w (38cm x 58cm)

The Guiding Light
Print 49
A Glorious Moment picture

The Christian Radich, departing from Chicago, bound for New York to join other majestic tall ships celebrating the Bicentennial.

15h x 23w (38cm x 58cm)

A Glorious Moment
Print 50
Brochure opening picture


Freedom Forever

There has never been a flag in world history that is so loved by the nation it represents, as well as being an inspiration to all nations and the peoples of the world, as is the American Flag.

22" h  x 34" w  (56cm x 86cm)

Print C

No enlargement available

Jade Vase

Brochure opening picture



Jesus Walking on the Sea

Come - Be not afraid - It is I. In this painting, Mr. Vickery has caught a most important episode in the life of the Lord.

28" h  x 18" w  (71cm x 48cm)

Print A

No enlargement available

Brochure opening picture

No Greater Love

Saturday morning following the crucifixion. The lone cross stands in the early morning light. The shaking of the Earth has ceased - the stormy night has ended, but the water still drips from the cross onto the drenched ground. The first light of a new dispensation blankets the hill and makes Jerusalem visible in the far background. Charles Vickery depicts the story of Christianity.

20" h  x 16" w  (51cm x 41cm)

Print B

No enlargement available




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