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George Ceffalio         John Walker         Joe Ruck         Robert Pennor         Tom Henrichsen;         Monastyretsky



George Ceffalio Workshops

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Landscape Workshop


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Oil painting Still Life Workshop


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Workshop 26 1
October Workshop
Workshop 26 2
George doing the under painting
Workshop 26 3
Such a great teacher!
Workshop 26 4
Danuta setting the under painting
Workshop 26 5
1st time in a Ceffalio workshop


Workshop 26 6
Studying her set up
Workshop 26 7
Joan's under painting
Workshop 26 8
Working the darks and lights
Workshop 26 9
Pulling color
Workshop 26 10


Workshop 26 11
Workshop 26 12
Workshop 26 13
George talks with Carol Jean about
a floral she is working on in the workshop
Workshop 26 14
Getting ready for color
Workshop 26 15
And then there was color!


Workshop 26 16
George looks over her progress
Workshop 26 17
Workshop 26 18
The veggies look real!
Workshop 26 19
Carol Jean has a difficult
painting to do
Workshop 26 20
Everyone is doing wonderfully


Workshop 26 21
She just doesn't get it
Workshop 26 22
Danuta has a nice painting
in the works
Workshop 26 23
The carrot and onions are awesome
Workshop 26 24
Hmmmmm...I'm trying to make
the jar look like glass. Help!
Workshop 26 25


Workshop 26 26
Everyone had great results!
Workshop 26 27
Very nice




Oil painting Still Life Workshop


Click on the small photos below to enlarge


Workshop 28 1
George makes the rounds while the
class does the under painting
Workshop 28 2
Carol Jean bringing in the colors
Workshop 28 3
Everyone gathers around george to learn how to paint a mango
Workshop 28 4
Mary Ann Is also doing a different painting today. Work made her start to late to do the other painting.
Workshop 28 5
Removing paint with terp to
create the darks and lights


Workshop 28 6
Jim Z
Workshop 28 7
Rosť at end of session.
Some work to go
Workshop 28 8 one quite finished today.
They can come back in to finish.
Workshop 28 9
Michelle finished for the day
but not quite done
Workshop 28 10


Workshop 28 11
Joan is behind since she has to get the breakfast and lunch going for everyone.
Workshop 28 12
I'm catching up now,,,slowly.
Workshop 28 13
Rosť has been away for a while.
We have all really missed her.
Workshop 28 14
Everyone is doing so well.
Carl is right on the button.
Workshop 28 15
Suzanne has her Mango
and plums in


Workshop 28 16
George guides us through the lilies
Workshop 28 17
And then there was color!
Workshop 28 18
Mary Ann developing her flower
Workshop 28 19
Carol Jean is doing a different picture. Not easy. Doing
beautifully tho.
Workshop 28 20
Jim working on his mango


Workshop 28 21
Zaneta is getting great color
Workshop 28 22
Michelle is doing well
Workshop 28 23
Connie"s glass vase really looks
like glass and the water too. Wow!



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