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Workshop Artists / Instructors

George Ceffalio         John Walker         Joe Ruck         Robert Pennor         Tom Henrichsen;         Monastyretsky


John Walker Workshops

Picture of Walker

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Acrylic Workshop


Workshop 20 1
John Walker's painting in the beginning stages. Setting in the darks and lights.
Workshop 20 2
Liz working on her darks and setting her painting
Workshop 20 3
Mary Ann getting her painting set
Workshop 20 4
Mary listens carefully to John explaining glazing
Workshop 20 5
Ginny and Nancy worked on their own compositions from the reference


Workshop 20 6
Joan working light into the rocks
Workshop 20 7
Harsha has a nice work in progress
Workshop 20 8
Sue starts the color
Workshop 20 9
Lucy has really nice dark and light work. Time for color.
Workshop 20 10
John works one on one


Workshop 20 11
Ginny gets some pointers on how the water will break over the top
Workshop 20 12
Karen has beautiful rock work
Workshop 20 13
Sue is getting the glazing to work for her
Workshop 20 14
Lucy did a wonderful job. Everyone loved this. We're ready for another, John.
Workshop 20 15
Liz is working it
Workshop 20 16
Mary Ann did beautifully
Workshop 20 17
Karen has really brought hers a long way
from the dark and light picture
Workshop 20 18
Harsha is almost finished. This is a new experience for everyone working with matte medium. Great workshop!



Acrylic Portrait From Photo Workshop with John Walker


Workshop 18 1
The class works on the sketch in the early stages of the workshop
Workshop 18 2
Getting the likeness
Workshop 18 3
Another beginning likeness
Workshop 18 4
Staying focused
Workshop 18 5
John works the room between talks


Workshop 18 6
Harsha and Dan try their
first portrait class
Workshop 18 7
Dan lets some humor in
Workshop 18 8
Mr. Walker's sketch
Workshop 18 9
Nice drawing
Workshop 18 10
All ears as the first color wash is explained


Workshop 18 11
First introduction of color
Workshop 18 12
Wow...they keep developing
Workshop 18 13
Approaching the finish of the workshop
Workshop 18 14
End of the day



Acrylic Portrait From Photo Workshop with John Walker



Finished painting


Workshop 6 1
Workshop 6 2
Workshop 6 3
Workshop 6 4
Workshop 6 5


Workshop 6 6
Workshop 6 7
Workshop 6 8
Workshop 6 9
Workshop 6 10



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