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George Ceffalio         John Walker         Joe Ruck         Robert Pennor         Tom Henrichsen;         Monastyretsky


Joe Ruck Workshops

Picture of Ruck

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Brayer Workshop with Joe Ruck



Finished painting
Joe Ruck's finished painting



Workshop 14 1
Ginny's painting in the
beginning stage
Workshop 14 2
Ginny's after working on adding
some rolls of color. Now to detail
the bird. Not easy with a roller!
Workshop 14 3
Jim's painting ... He's getting
control of the roller


Workshop 14 4
Joe's painting at the end of the workshop.
Looks easy? Trust me ... it's not!
All roller! Amazing!
Workshop 14 5
Jim's work in progress
Workshop 14 6
Joan's piece coming together. Oops!
How do I make bird feet with a roller?


Workshop 14 7
Joe Ruck doing a touchup with the brayer




Brayer Workshop with Joe Ruck



Workshop 9 1
Joe Ruck's finished painting ... All Brayer, no brushwork at all



Workshop 9 2
The rolls of the Brayer go
from darks to lights
Workshop 9 3
Closeup of the crane done with the
sides of the roller and a razor blade
Workshop 9 4
Jim and Cathy wondering how they are
going to draw that crane with a roller!


Workshop 9 5
Alexandra and Richard are loving this technique
Workshop 9 6
Ryan works with his roller
Workshop 9 7
Joe Ruck teaching his first workshop at
the Brigantine - Brayer (roller) painting



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