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Workshop Artists / Instructors

George Ceffalio         John Walker         Joe Ruck         Robert Pennor         Tom Henrichsen;         Monastyretsky



Robert Pennor Workshops

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Kids workshop




Workshop 4 1
Workshop 4 2
First time painting with oils and first time at the gallery. Great job!!
Workshop 4 3
Rose works on a present!
Workshop 4 4
Claire chose to paint a piece painted by Nancy Koenig, and she's doing very well.
Workshop 4 5
Lily is finishing her oil painting landscape



Workshop 4 6
Brin painted a country cottage in pastel colors
Workshop 4 1
Brin is signed and finished
Workshop 4 8
Great, Claire!
Workshop 4 9
Nice job Rose!





Three day kids workshop

The three day class ended and they asked for another the next Monday we all meet again.




Day One


Workshop 21 1
Brin works with oils
Workshop 21 2
Lily tries oils also
Workshop 21 3
Tori waits to learn the background bushes and trees. She chose acrylics.
Workshop 21 4
And we have a puppy
also done in acrylics
Workshop 21 5
Animals are still the choice
on the acrylics side



Workshop 21 6
Such concentration
Workshop 21 7
It's an owl for Tori
Workshop 21 8
Oh wow! FOUR owls!
Workshop 21 9
And Lizzie chooses a cat
Workshop 21 10
Step by step



Day Two...things get a little harder


Workshop 21 11
Lily has drawn out her landscape
and is starting to paint
Workshop 21 12
Robert Pennor spends a lot
of time with each student
Workshop 21 13
Workshop 21 14
Love when it all starts coming together
Workshop 21 15
They are so focused



Workshop 21 16
Lily is doing very well! What a nice touch she has.
Workshop 21 17
Lizzie, it's really good!



Day Three


Workshop 21 18
Brin works on a painting for her mom
Workshop 21 19
Lizzie took her time setting
the background...looks good
Workshop 21 20
Meg works on Cherry Blossums
Workshop 21 21
Workshop 21 22
Very nice job!



Workshop 21 23
Meg did GREAT! Look at the bunnies!
Workshop 21 24
Robert helps Meg mix some Blossums
Workshop 21 25
Looking good
Workshop 21 26
Seven year old Sebastian
did this eagle
Workshop 21 27
Kiera is nine and did this eagle



Workshop 21 28
Sebastian...such a good job.
Workshop 21 29
Kiera all smiles with her eagle.
What a cutie!
Workshop 21 30
Layers and layers made this mountain goat jump off
Rose's page
Workshop 21 31
Brin worked up this landscape.
Nice job on the bridge and the trees.
Workshop 21 32
Abby took on a tough subject.
Great job Abby!



Workshop 21 33
This is the nicest group of girls!
What fun they are!
Workshop 21 34
Mr. Pennor joins his students.
They are all back next week.
This is a great 11-13 yr. old group.





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