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George Ceffalio         John Walker         Joe Ruck         Robert Pennor         Tom Henrichsen;         Monastyretsky



Monastyretsky Workshops

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April Workshop



Workshop 27 1
Students working in Monastyretsky workshop
Workshop 27 2
Carol Jean working a beautiful landscape
Workshop 27 3
Jean works on a portrait at the workshop
Workshop 27 4
Mi Joeng portrait of a friend
from a photo she took in Korea


Workshop 27 5
Dan works lots of color into his landscape
Workshop 27 6
Walter demonstrates softening
the weathered skin
Workshop 27 7
So cute. The red hair and fair skin
was a challenge! Not quite finished.
Workshop 27 8
Carol is finished. Very Nice!!




July Workshop



Workshop 14 1
Working the composition
Workshop 14 2
Dan doing the setup
Workshop 14 3
Pam's first seascape
Workshop 14 4
Mary Ann has such a nice touch
Workshop 14 5
Abigail knows fingers are essential for clouds


Workshop 14 6
Monastryetsky giving Dan pointers
Workshop 14 7
Abigail certainly is understanding water
Workshop 14 8
A lunch for those that choose not to go out
Workshop 14 9
Go Abigail!
Workshop 14 10
Afternoon brings paintings closer to completion


Workshop 14 11
Dan has some nice color going here
Workshop 14 12
Monastryetsky shows how to
create foam on the water
Workshop 14 13
End of the day...Pam's painting
Workshop 14 14
Dan's painting
Workshop 14 15
Mary Ann's painting


Workshop 14 16
Once again, our teenager, Abigail,
has learned a lot from the workshop
and such a good teacher
Workshop 14 17
Walter Monastryetsky with 3 of the student's
paintings at the end of the day
Workshop 14 18
Abigail, Mary Ann, Walter Monastryetsky, and Pam.
Great Job!




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