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Mission Statement




Our mission is to provide quality, professional art instruction for artists of all levels whether they are established artists seeking new forms of expression to enhance their artistic abilities and enjoyment or serious students looking for direction in their artistic careers. To that end, we are offering workshops and classes by qualified, established artists at our gallery.

With the addition of of our new Free Nights, where a teacher spends an evening in an open session helping students finish any of their previous workshop paintings, we've added a new dimension whereby students have a chance to reinforce and enhance what they've learned in previous workskops.

These workshops and classes allow the participants to explore different styles, techniques and mediums presented by artists of various diciplines.

We are excited about this project and have had very favorable feedback from local artists and students.

These workshops and classes are in addition to our well established Paint and Play classes offered to amateur artists of all ages which have been very successful for several years and enjoyed by all who attended.