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We present professional art instruction workshops taught by our resident, award winning instructors for artists of all levels. We welcome established artists who are looking to enhance their artistic abilities and enjoyment, serious students looking for direction in their artistic careers and new artists who are looking for guidance and inspiration.

These workshops allow the participants to explore different styles, techniques and mediums presented by established artists of various disciplines.

The workshops are held in our art gallery, a setting which provides an inspirational undertone to our students that enhances their learning experience. This, combined with a relaxed atmosphere and dedicated instructors, promotes an educational and enjoyable time for all.



Our award winning artists teaching workshops are:

George Ceffalio - Oil/Acrylics - Landscapes/ Florals
John Walker - Acrylics - Portraits.
Robert Pennor - Oil/Acrylics - Landscapes
Tom Henrichsen - Oil - Landscape
Joe Ruck - Oil - Brayer (roller, no brushes)
Walter Monastyretsky - Oil - Landscapes/ Portraits/ Florals

Materials lists are available at sign up. The gallery will help with supplies for your first workshop.

A light breakfast and lunch will be served at no additional cost. Most workshops are from 10am - 5pm on a Saturday or Sunday.



Joan of Art Professional Art Instruction by nationally known artists