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The 8th and 9th are a 2-day workshop.

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Welcome to our new Groupon and Living Social friends!

There are many paint and play type nights and some workshops offered and presented in the Chicagoland area that are based on our Academy programs. But few match the quality of our instructors, the inspirational undertone of learning to paint in a real art gallery and the relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere that enhances the learning experience.

Our Paint & Play program offers more than just a fun, relaxing night out. When the class is over, you'll leave with a painting you created and with a knowledge, background, and insight into the world of art and this is where our program differs from others.

Our instructors (award winning professional artists) walk you through the techniques of creating a painting with no pressure, no criticism, just helpful guidance. You learn the basics of setup, sketching, composition, lighting, detail, colors, textures and much more. It's s subtle process that occurs almost without being noticed. At some point you'll realize that what you're creating is well beyond what you thought you were capable of and that, indeed, is the fun part. In fact the comment most often heard after a class is 'I never thought I could paint like this'.

If you have Living Social or Groupon (Welcome Groupon!!) vouchers (new to classes) we provide your canvas (11 x 14). After that...we try to have them available for $2 - $3 or you can bring your own.

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