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Associated Artists

Sample range of our artist's styles
All of our artists have different and unique styles. Brightness, darkness, contrasts, colors, hues, shades, brush strokes, mediums, and painting surfaces just to mention a few combine to capture the essence of the subject matter and are approached diffenently by each artist.

From Inna Deiry's Liquid Mosaic technique to Troy Collins' use of rich colors mixed right on the canvas, as opposed to on the palette, we see a wide variety of approaches to fine art.

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Inna Deriy

    Inna Deriy    Detail  Inna Deriy detail

Liquid Mosaic - a unique painting technique developed by Inna.

From the first glance it looks like stained glass or some sort of mosaic. This interesting effect was achieved by applying a very unique technique of spreading liquid pigmented polymers over a surface of choice with spatulas, sticks and needles. A transparent two part polymer is mixed with pigments like Cobalt, Copper, Silver, Indigo or various fine powders and cures after being spread to desired shapes.

After 12-15 hours, another layer is laid over if necessary. Once a piece is finished, it can withstand water, moderate mechanical stress, heat and UV rays. These pigmented polymers solidify and adhere to many kinds of surfaces - stone, brick, glass, canvas, wood and so on.

It makes this unique technique very flexible and opens up a wide variety of different choices.

Troy Collins

    Troy Collins     Detail  Troy Collins detail

Master impressionist, Robert Moore, says of his former student, "His work is very individual, bold and direct in the application of paint an color, and unique in its feel, Troy is not afraid of rich color and mixes the pigment right on the canvas, as opposed to on the palette, where it can lose intensity. He lets his eye do the mixing."


    Monestyretsy     Detail  Monestyretsy detail

Walter Monastyretsky was born, raised and educated in the Ukraine where he became a licensed pharmacist early on. Yet his love and understanding of art was overpowering and he attented The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (The Kiev State Art Institute 1978)

There he earned a Bachelor Degree and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Fine Art. His major was painting and minor was Art Restoration and Conservation.

Mr. Monastyretsky is a classically trained professional artist whose specialty is oil on canvas. His forte is the classic portrait. Other areas of expertise are various styles, techniques and subject matters of oil painting and interior murals. Some other mediums are occasionally used.

Walter's artistic philosophy is that as an artist he sees the beauty of the world around him and wishes to share his God given talent with his fellow man.

Robert Pennor

    Robert Pennor     Detail  Robert Pennor detail

R.J. Ogren

    R.J. Ogren     Detail  R.J. Ogren detail

R.J. Ogren has been an artist, actor and teacher for over 35 years. Born in St. Charles, Illinois in the spring of 1944, and making his first mark as an artist when, at the age of 6, he designed the zoo animals for the first grade play, R.J. has now created hundreds of paintings, portraits, murals, cartoons, graphic designs, scenic designs and architectural renderings across the United States, England and Australia.

At Walt Disney World in the 70's and early 80's, R.J. was one of the original management artists in charge of creative control at The Magic Kingdom. Under the guidance of Disney greats Marc Davis and Wathel Rodgers, R.J. painted, created and refurbished all the figures, sets, props and murals at the theme park. His work was seen every day on such attractions as The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Country Bear Jamboree, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Peter Pan's Flight and The Carousel of Progress.

C.L. Smith

    C.L. Smith     Detail  C.L. Smith detail

Raised in a railway family with close ties to coal and iron mining, Smith witnessed America's heavy industries at work. Southern railway lines were well traveled when he attended a military college in the south. Working with oil on linen, his paintings are detailed, yet conveying the drama of light and motion. He has won many awards and has exhibited across the U.S.

His paintings have covered and appeared in magazines, and one was the dust jacket for the book "One Man's Locomotives". He resides in the western suburbs of Chicago.


The Art Academy instructors

Our associated artists teaching workshops are:

George Ceffalio
Oil/Acrylics - Landscapes/ Florals

Tom Henrichsen
Oil - Landscapes

Walter Monastyretsky
Oil - Landscapes/ Portraits/ Florals

Robert Pennor
Oil/Acrylics - Landscapes

Joe Ruck
Oil - Brayer (roller, no brushes)

John Walker
Acrylics - Portraits.


Many of our artists also teach our popular Paint and Play classes as well as give private lessons in our academy.


Commissioned Paintings

If you enjoyed a particular painting by one of our artists which has already sold, please feel free to contact us. While original paintings are never duplicated, most of our artists will create a similar artwork piece by commission


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