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"I was a little shy about coming to a paint and play session, but I'm glad I did.
The class was relaxing and fun. I thought being in an art gallery and learning from a real artist might be daunting, but I felt comfortable and right at home.
The teacher was really good as he walked us through the painting and I felt no pressure and worked at my own pace. He helped each of us and didn't criticise our work, he just gave us helpful advice.
I learned a lot and had a good time with the other students.
Thank you for a wonderful evening."

A quick thought...

What greater gift is there than one from the heart. A painting from you to a friend or loved one will be cherished and appreciated.

Though your painting will not hang in the Louvre or be sold at auction for millions, it will no doubt be priceless to them and grace one of their walls.

P & P paintings are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or special occasions.



Friday Paint and Play Classes

7:00-9:30pm  (on average)

$25-$45 per person depending on class length and refreshments provided (High school accepted)


Family painting classes

(for children 8 and up ... must have an adult painting with them)

$20 - some materials provided

You will complete a painting and take it home with you and each week will have a different teacher leading and the picture will be shown in advance on this page

Reservations required for these popular classes.


Paint & Play Parties

Any night or afternoon. You choose the time and the painting you'd like to paint.

Minimum number of painters for a party is 6

$25 -$45 - some materials provided

Birthdays… Ladies Nights… Bachelorette parties… Baby Showers... Couples nights… Dinner and Paint Parties. Kids or adults.

Snacks and beverages provided.
(cakes, pizzas, dinners are extra)

These parties open to the public so others may ask to join with you.

Call the gallery for party scheduling and pricing.
(630) 663-0399


Private parties available

Any night or afternoon. You choose the time and the painting you'd like to paint.

Minimum number of painters for a pricate party is 8

For the kids -

- Birthday
- Tea Party
- Disney Party with Disney Artist
- Train, plane and automobile party
- Mosaic Party
- Jewelry Party
- Pirate Party
- Painting party w/ no theme

For the adults -

Parties for special occasions:

- Anniversary
- Business get togethers
- Corporate social networking
- Baby Shower
- Wedding Shower
- Men's Night Out
- Women's Night Out
- Family Reunion
- Painting party w/ no theme

These parties are totally private so it's just you and your friends or family

Call the gallery for party scheduling and pricing.
(630) 663-0399

Need ideas for paintings to choose for your Paint & Play or Private parties?    Click here

Upcoming Paint & Play Classes






Friday Paint & Play
November 17th
Robert Pennor teaching
'Fall Sunset'
7:00 - 9:30 pm    $25


This is a nice sunset backlighting trees in silhouette. Nice blending of colors in the sky. This will be a fun painting.

Snacks..drinks..and Mr. Pennor will be a great host.

Email him at   to reserve your spot so he has numbers for the class. If you need a canvas...let him know. They are $2 or bring your own. Size is 11 x 14.
This week's subject painting

Pennor paintingmagnification icon

So, join us for an evening of painting, friendship, and fun.

Call or email EARLY to reserve a spot! No credit, checks to cash only or paypal it online to If you reserve and cannot make it...please call and let us know so we can inform the next person on the list.
Snacks, beverages and some materials included (no canvases).
See you Friday...
Joan 630-663-0399 or email






Thank you for your great support for the Paint & Play program

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If you attended a previous class, we would appreciate your serious, considered feedback (good or bad).

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Brigantine Gallery Paint and Play
Home of the Original Paint and Play

Our P&P classes are taught by our in-house award winning professional artists
Fair prices - a fun, relaxing night out - the inspirational ambience of a real art gallery

Paint and Play class picture

About Paint and Play


Classes are held in our gallery and taught by award winning, professional artists.

Adult and Family classes. $25-$45 per person depending on class length and refreshments provided.

Kids classes. $20 per child. Some materials provided.

We paint in acrylics and do something different every week.

We also provide snacks and beverages.

The idea is to relax and have FUN!

You do NOT have to have any artistic skills. Join us for a fun evening.

Need a great present for a family member or friend? There is no better present than one you make yourself. Many Paint & Players have given their paintings as presents and the recipients have appreciated and valued the personal touch.

Afternoon and evening classes available.

At the Brigantine, you won't just make a copy of a subject painting, you'll learn how to paint.

Our Paint & Play program offers more than just a fun, relaxing night out. When the class is over, you'll leave with a painting you created and with a knowledge, background, and insight into the world of art and this is where our program differs from others.

Our instructors walk you through the techniques of creating a painting with, as Melinda said above in her testimonial, no pressure, no criticism, just helpful guidance. You learn the basics of setup, sketching, composition, lighting, detail, colors, textures and much more. It's s subtle process that occurs almost without being noticed. At some point you'll realize that what you're creating is well beyond what you thought you were capable of and that, indeed, is the fun part. In fact the comment most often heard after a class is 'I never thought I could paint like this'.

You won't be creating a Rembrandt or a Monet after one class, but each time you come back you'll see your abilities improve as you begin to understand what goes into a painting. Our instructors offer a wide range of subjects from landscapes to portraits and still lifes each requiring their own special techniques.

Some of our Paint & Players have moved on to bigger and better things. An example of which is a former student, Jean, as seen below working on a portrait of Robin Williams under the tutelage of Walter Monastyretsky in our Private Classes program.

Jean painting sample

Some of our Paint & Players have chosen painting as a hobby and some just come back for an enjoyable evening. Many have expressed a desire to do more challenging paintings before possibly moving on to private lessons and for them we are in the process of creating an advanced Paint & Play.

We have also started open paint nights where Paint & Players can choose from other subject paintings beyond the one offered on a particular night.

So please join us and our Paint & Players. Enjoy yourself. Learn. Relax and get rid of some stress. And, by the way, the free snacks and beverages aren't to shabby either.

February, 2014 - 22 brownies paint to earn their art badges.
Tom Henrichsen taught a fun class.

Brownies classe picture


Paint & Play for Kids

Mondays 2:45 - 4:15

Thursdays 3:00 - 4:30

$15 - materials provided


Paint & Play for Kids picture



Paint & Play sample class picture 1


Paint & Play sample class picture 2




See how our artists did at

Previous Paint & Play Classes



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