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5 star pic   N.B. writes:

We ALL had a wonderful time last Saturday evening. You could not have been a more perfect hostess & Robert was great.....informative, patient, knowledgeable.....everything we needed to "create" our masterpieces. Plus, the snacks were delicious.

Everyone had a fun time. Thank you, again. You'll be seeing more of my husband. He would like to take lessons.

5 star pic   L.S. writes:

I was very impressed with the atmosphere. I have always wanted to learn to paint and to do it with no pressure. The instructor was patient and encouraging to all attendees. I definitely will be returning to Brigantine Gallery on many more occasions.

5 star pic   H. K. writes:

It was my first time attending one of the classes. I never thought painting a canvas would turn out so perfect. I am from Mesa, AZ and doing this was lovely and was great experience to learn, what type brushes to use and what colors to blend to match the color in the painting. I loved painting for the first time, it was fun and great painting a house with picked white fence. Thanks for teaching me this wonderful experience. I will keep practicing to become a better painter and to have fun.

5 star pic   J. writes:

I have been to several Paint&Play's! I have had a great time at every one! The teachers are GREAT! Even when I get nervouse and think "I'll never be able to paint THAT!!!", they help me learn new techiques and see things differently. Can't wait to come back for my next class! PS and the snacks and wine are ALWAYS GREAT!

5 star pic   K. J. writes:

I never thought I could paint. I tried a few times on my own, but the results were not pretty. Once your instructor began explaining and demonstrating colors and techniques, I found I was actually able to create something quite nice. I'm hooked. I will be coming to many more of your classes.

5 star pic   J. J. writes:

Thank you thank you thank you. I do believe I've found a new hobby. I retired a few years ago and have been looking for something I could sink my teeth into. I found it last night in your gallery.

5 star pic   D. P. writes:

I'm soooooooo glad I found you. I've been to several other painting places, but their "artist" wasn't nearly as good as yours. I really learned a lot and the painting I did looks way better than the ones I did at the other places.

5 star pic   L. P. writes:

I took one of the paintings I did at your gallery and had it framed. It's no Da Vinci, but when I gave it to my grandmother for her birthday she was thrilled. She couldn't believe how good it was and said she was so proud of me. That made me feel so good. I will be bringing her to one of your classes soon.

5 star pic   R. J. writes:

I really enjoyed the class. It wasn't as crowded as some of the others I've been to and I enjoyed the snacks. I liked learning and painting in a real art gallery. I found it inspiring.

5 star pic   L. M. writes:

When I came to your gallery Friday night, I was in a bad mood. It had been a long frustrating day at work. By the time the class was over, I was smiling and I had a not to bad painting on the easel in front of me. Thank you for making my day.

5 star pic   P. R. writes:

WOW I can paint. You probably won't see any of my paintings at the Art Institute, but I plan on framing some of them. The teacher made it seem so easy and really got my creative juices going. I'll be back.

5 star pic   M. O. writes:

When I got home last night, I threw out the painting I did at a class I took at a bar. What a joke that was. I was just a tree and I must admit that it looked more like a dinosaur. I really didn't learn anything there. Your class was less money AND I learned a lot more. Thank you.

5 star pic   P. T. writes:

You guys were ok. But I have to say I had more fun at the last place I went with some drinking buddies.

5 star pic   O. D. writes:

I missed one of my favorite TV shows last night (Friday). But I thououghly enjoyed myself at your gallery class. I'm looking at the painting I did as I'm typing this. Looks like I'll have to catch my show on reruns because a lot of my Friday nights will be taken now.

5 star pic   D writes:

Megan and I had a great time last night! Nancy was awesome! We look forward to coming again.

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