Teens and adults painting classes

Adult Acrylics

             with Robert Pennor

High school and older

Work with colors and textures in acrylics

Wednesday afternoons    1 1/2 hours

Thursday evening classes in Oil painting or Acrylics. 7-9

$30 - Materials not included

Adult acrylics painting classes


Adult Oil painting

             with Walter Monastyretsky

Landscapes and seascapes

Wednesday afternoons    3pm - 4:30pm ( or any 2 hr period between 2 and 6 )

Mr. Monastyretsky will let you choose the composition..you will finish in that time period. He's great with water, landscapes, winter, portraits etc.

Oil or acrylic and everyone can work their own subjects or he has choices.

No copying..he wants you to learn to create your composition and paint! Fun teacher!

$40 - Materials list provided


Water Colors

             with Pat Mroczka

Ages 14 and up

Various subjects

Monday afternoons    1:30pm -3:00pm

$40 - Materials list provided


Drawing and sketching

             with C.L.Smith

Learn to draw before you paint... pencil and charcoal

Monday afternoons    1:00pm -2:30pm

$30 - Materials list provided


The Brigantine Art Academy is an all-encompassing group of programs and services designed to offer art instruction and support facilities to students of all levels.


Some of these include:

- First time artists

- High school art students

- Serious student artists in advanced art

- Established artists

Academy logo
Just so you know...

There are many paint and play type nights and some workshops offered and presented in the Chicagoland area and based on our Academy programs. But few match the quality of our instructors, the inspirational undertone of learning to paint in a real art gallery and the relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere that enhances their learning experience.

Many classes/workshops are held in bars, restaurants and back rooms of other establishments as additions to their offerings and tend to focus solely on having a good time as opposed to learning the enjoyment of the creation of art.

Sadly, most of them charge more than we do but don't offer the same quality and dedication to the learning experience. But don't be fooled by the low prices of our classes and workshops. Our instructors are qualified, award winning professional artists.

How qualified?  See for yourself.

But don't just take our word for it. See what our former and current students have to say. Comments and reviews..

Our ever popular Paint & Play afternoon and evening programs offer children and adults a fun and entertaining introduction to the world of art and allow them to explore their artistic abilities in the stimulating and inspiring environment of a real art gallery.

Our highly successful professional art workshops taught by established artists in our Joan of Art program provide more advanced and serious students as well as professional artists with ways to enhance their artistic abilities, explore new avenues of expression and continue to grow in their various artistic disciplines.

We also offer private lessons and classes for individuals or small groups in the open gallery area or in our private instruction rooms.

Academy Memberships Unlimited studio time. Paint with friends, keep your house clean, get help from our teachers, get away from the same old routine and make new friends. $30 a month. Open painting hours posted at the top of this and other pages.

"Thank you Joan of Art!!! Thank you for encouraging me to pursue the next step. I enjoy your Paint and Play informal classes on Friday nights and am enjoying the oil painting workshops with George Ceffalio and the acrylics workshops with John Walker. They are both truly amazing artists and teachers. They are both able to extract amazing results from their students."


More programs in the works:

Corporate Paint & Play. Sponsored by corporations/businesses as a way for their employees to meet and mingle while having an enjoyable time learning how to paint. Great stress relief.

Advanced Paint & Play. Harder Paintings. More in-depth techniques and styles. For those past Paint and Players who have come to realize some of their artistic abilities and want to explore them further.

Retirement classes Are you bored? Is the Mrs. or hubby driving you nuts because they're not used to having you around so much? Need a hobby to keep you occupied? Join us for afternoon Paint & Play classes. Get out of the house, have some fun and perhaps make new friends. You can also take advantage of our Academy Memberships and get unlimited studio time in our gallery for as little as $1 a day. Use this with other things you do to give your days some structure again.

Senior citizens afternoons Get out of the house. Spend time exploring your hidden artistic abilities. You can begin with Paint & Play classes and continue with an Academy Membership which allows you to come in any time and paint. Ward off those boring or lonely afternoons with new friends or seek some private time away from home and perhaps even find a new direction in your life. Remember, you're never to old to learn and be creative. Paint something for the grandkids, they'll love it.


  Paint and Play link picture      Visit Paint & Play


Paint & Play Classes are held in our gallery and taught by award winning, professional artists.

We paint in acrylics and do something different every week. We also provide snacks and beverages.

The idea is to relax and have FUN!

You do NOT have to have any artistic skills. Join us for a fun evening.

I love the paint and play classes at the Brigantine Gallery. I've taken classes at other places such as at a restaurant where they just put you in a back room, and there is no comparison. I found the atmosphere here in an actual art gallery to be inspiring. The classes are relaxing, educational and just plain fun. The instructors really know they're stuff and helped bring out the hidden artist in me. No pressure, no criticism, just helpful guidance. I plan on coming to many more of these classes.    Melinda T.

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We present professional art instruction workshops taught by our resident, award winning instructors for artists of all levels.

We welcome established artists who are looking to enhance their artistic abilities and enjoyment, serious students looking for direction in their artistic careers and new artists who are looking for guidance and inspiration.

These workshops allow the participants to explore different styles, techniques and mediums presented by established artists of various disciplines.

"I'm new to painting and this is my first try at oil painting. I am having so much fun in George's workshops! What a magnificent teacher. I can't wait til the next one."

The Art Academy is proud to share that resident artist and teacher C.L. Smith has painted the cover for the newly published book "Di Wee" a story of Vietnam by Clayton W. Peacock III.


C.L> Smith picture


Free Nights are one of our new features where a Joan of Art Workshop instructor spends an evening in an open session helping students finish any of their previous workshop paintings.

We find that these nights give the students a chance to reinforce and enhance what they've learned in previous workshops.

Free nights picture
Free night with George Ceffalio


Childrens events logo picture

Kids Oil Still Life

Ages 8-13

Kids Oil Still Life session with George Ceffalio 12:00 - 3:00 $85 - Materials provided

This amazing teacher will show the kids how to paint with oil paints and they will finish a still life suitable for framing. Yes, we did say Oil Paints!

Kids oil still life picture


Children's Painting Classes

Ages 7 - 12

Artist Pat Mroczka hosts

Saturdays 12 - 1:30 - call for materials list

$15 per class. To be paid monthly

Children's Painting Classes picture


Recent Classe picture

Meg, Erin and Brin from a recent Saturday class show their fun pictures


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